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4Clima S.r.l. is a re-seller and not a manufacturer of the Products. In this respect and to the fullest extent permissible by law, 4Clima S.r.l. is unable to offer any express warranties of any kind whatsoever in respect of the Products.
1.    All products sold online address (URL) from 4Clima S.r.l. are covered by:
·         the conventional manufacturers warranty, details of which shall be dispatched with the Products
·         the 24 months guarantee for lack of conformity ex DL 24/02.
To get the warranty service, customer shall retain the electronic PDF invoice received by e-mail (or DDT)

2. All packaging of the products shall be accompanied by indicating adhesive the product code and the employee number . Customer shall provide for unplug and keep the adhesive indicating the code and number of the product as well as, any certificate of guarantee that some manufacturers apply outside of packaging. If the packaging is unawares certificate of guarantee, will make faith the purchasing invoice.

3 If, following intervention by an authorized service center, the defect not covered by the conventional guarantee of the producer, the client will charged any requested by the authorised service check and repair costs and the costs of transport, if supported by 4Clima S.r.l.

4. The guarantee period shall be 24 months from the date of the invoice in accordance with the 24/02 DL applies to the product that has a lack of conformity, provided that the product itself is used properly, in compliance with its destination profiles and as provided in the technical documentation.
This guarantee is reserved for the private consumer (natural person who buys the goods for purposes not associated with his professional activity, or purchase without specifying V.A.T. reference in the order form). In the case of lack of conformity, 4Clima S.r.l. will, without charge for the customer, the restoration of the conformity of the product through repair/replacement or reduction of the price at the termination of contract. If, following intervention by an authorized service center, the defect should not be a lack of conformity pursuant to the DL 24/02, customer be charged any requested by the authorised service check and repair costs and the costs of transport if supported by 4Clima S.r.l.

5. In case of DOA replacements (Dead On Arrival: product not working on delivery) occur only if specifically provided for by the manufacturer. Time replacement or repair any product only depend on the policies of the producer.

6. If, for any reason, 4Clima srl is not able to make to your customer a product warranty (repaired or replaced), 4Clima S.r.l. It may be our sole discretion to the return of the entire amount paid or its replacement with a product characteristics equal or above.

7. No damage may be required 4Clima S.r.l. for any delay in carrying out repairs or replacements.

8. Where the application of safeguards provides for the return of the product, goods should be returned by the customer in the original, complete packaging in all its parts (including packaging and any documentation and ancillary envelope: manuals, cables, etc.) to limit damage to the original packaging, we recommend, whenever possible, insert it into a second box; should be avoided in all cases the affixing of labels or adhesive tapes directly on the original product packaging.

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