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Air Conditioners Inverter Floor models Daikin serie Mono Inverter Nexura FVXG35K/RXG35K Mono Inverter Nexura FVXG35K/RXG35K

Brand: Daikin

Price: € 1498,00

Mono Inverter Nexura FVXG35K/RXG35K


- The aluminium part of the front panel of the Nexura indoor unit has the capability of warming up, just like a traditional radiator, to add even more comfort on cold days
- Quiet and discrete, Nexura offers you the best in heating and cooling, in comfort and design
- The indoor unit distributes air at the sound of a whisper. The noise produced amounts to barely 22dB(A) in cooling and 19dB(A) in radiant heat mode. In comparison, the ambient sound in a quiet room amounts to 40dB(A) on average.
- Comfortable vertical auto swing ensures draughtfree operation and prevents ceiling soiling
- Online controller (optional): control your indoor unit from any location via smartphone, laptop, pc, tablet or touch screen
- Can be installed against a wall or recessed
- Its low height enables the unit to fit perfectly beneath a window
- Weekly timer can be set to start heating or cooling anytime on a daily or weekly basis
- Outdoor units for pair application
- Outdoor units are fitted with a swing compressor, renowned for its low noise and high energy efficiency
- Daikin outdoor units are neat, sturdy and can easily be mounted on a roof or terrace or simply placed against an outside wall

For further information visit the official Daikin website: / RXG-K

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